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Public Nuisance emerged from Europe’s underground rave scene. First printed in a London loft in 1995, as a response to the 1994 Criminal Justice Act that gave authorities excessive powers to clamp down on the rapidly growing UK rave scene. Included in this law was the new crime of being (or conspiring to be) a Public Nuisance.


The original artwork was compiled by Mark from the Spiral Tribe after a request from fellow crew member at the time, Tufty.


Some tribes had decided to pack up their amps & speakers to take the free party movement Continental; this rapidly spread into an international free party epidemic.


The Public Nuisances logo and trademark “target” design also quickly spiralled into an iconic symbol for ravers. The provocative clothing range soon became the No1 choice of attire for the jilted generation and is still seen as an essential part of any anti-establishment, party lovers wardrobe.


In 2011 the founder of Public Nuisance gave Wide Eye Clothing their artwork and permitted them to print Public Nuisance garments to enable this iconic brand to live on for many more years to come. Wide Eye continued to carry the torch, attending teknivals & festivals, whilst also providing options to purchase stock online and through independent retailers. Unfortunately, due to life events including the tragic loss of Emma, who was one half of Wide Eye, their mission to rejuvenate the brand had stalled.

A New Chapter


In November 2017 Wide Eye kick-started their mission to relaunch Public Nuisance for the next generation of ravers! The project pretty much started from scratch, and they needed to sell existing stock to reinvest in new designs.


Fast forward to 2018 and Tufty is now back in the area and actively involved with this site. They are working together to have a new range of both original and fresh designs, so watch this space…..

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